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Smith SupRJar Hydraulic Drilling Jars

In 1998 Sup-R-Jar began developing a Double acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar and it was put into service in early 2000. The result was the Sup-R-HY Drilling Jar that incorporated new technology that surpassed the criteria of the existing jars.  The Sup-R-HY Drilling Jar can be run in all types of wells. They will hit harder, last longer and can be run in both tension and compression.
The SUP-R-HY is a double acting hydraulic drilling jar. The SUP-R-HY  is delivered to location in the OPEN position (approximately 29 inches of mandrel exposed) and usually will be open when it is pulled out of the hole.
Hofco Oilfield Services Pty Ltd is the agent for Sup-R-Jar for Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China, and India.

Download Smith SupRJar Hydraulic Drilling JarsDOWNLOAD THE SMITH SUPRJAR BROCHURE


 Please view some our Client Testimonials Below


Testimonial 1

Just a small note to let you know how the 4-3/4" Sup-R-Jar operated during our fishing job.

It was great! Very positive cocking action noted on the weight indicator, delayed firing ( which is beneficial ), with a positive firing action both up and down.

We jarred up at a maximum of 37,000 lbs over string wt & fired down with approx 16,000 lbs slack off leaving 6,000 lbs slacked off after the jars fired.

We jarred up and down for 6.5 hours without any fade noticed at all ( The fish came free ).

I'd recommend these Jars in a fishing operation of light ( what we did ) to medium string weights ( say 80,000 lbs ).

I look forward to doing business with you again.

Pete Wrench
Well Site Rep
Origin Energy


 Testimonial 2

Results of Fishing Job ....."It went very well, caught the fish on the first attempt and in 3 ½ hours we had the fish free and no damage done."

AJ Lucas Rig 150


 Testimonial 3

Just a quick note to let you know that the Sup-R-Jar worked excellent on our fishing job @ 2400m. We hooked on, and Jarred for 15 hours (continuously) and the fish came free. And we are now tripping out of well. We have a Fishing Hand from Weatherford here-and he has commented how well these jars work.

We will continue using these jars on our future wells. And I will recommend these Jars to other drilling contractors.

Ray Cowie
Drilling Engineer